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Emerging from the prestigious sports of rulers, Polo Shirts steer the design with its stylish and jazzy looks. A specific style trending to everyone, making them well-known men’s wardrobe staple because of their classic look works with so many different designs.

The polo shirt is a knitted, pullover-style, sport shirt which includes a rolled collar and feet at the neck. They’re frequently made from 100% cotton. You will find them in other types of knot such as for instance Pique, Interlock, and Lisle. They are fashionable, comfortable, and on top of that are affordable.

It’s an excellent choice, whether it’s a party, a get-together or you’re not sure where the day or evening will take you. Contrary to what is popular, polo shirt gets you dress fit for every occasion.

How to choose the best Polo T-Shirt?

For purchasing the best polo shirt, first consider these two important factors:

1. Fabric Types

Fabric type is one of the important rules in selecting a polo t-shirt. Nowadays there are many fabric options ranging from natural to synthetic, silk to polyester. But the most liked one is of 100% cotton.

U.S Polo T-Shirt- 49.95 Turkish Lira

2. Size

Another important aspect when choosing polo shirts is how well it fits your body. You should pay attention to the length rather than the tightness of the shirt with your body.

Polo T-Shirt Red- 29.99 Turkish Lira

Tips to look more stylish with Polo T-Shirts

Polo shirt has been an icon of American style since 1972. It has a trim, modern fit and has been meticulously constructed to look great for years to come

1. There should be basic colors in your closet, like black, white or blue which gives you a built-in layered look for effortless style and always take you one step closer to elegance.

 ZARA Nautical Print Polo Shirt – 119.95 Turkish Lira

2. Keep at least one button open from the top! Having all the buttons were undone or buttoned, may give an impression of sloppy or boring personality. So, the most ideal case is to keep the top button open.

Lufian Slim Fit Ezen Basic Polo T-Shirt – 52 Turkish Lira

3. You can tuck your shirt in or out of your pants, as you like. To get a formal look elegantly, tuck in the polo shirt in your pants and put on a belt.

 Pierre Cardin Polo T-Shirt – 144.95 Turkish Lira

Facts you should never do with Polo T-Shirts

Never wear undershirts inside the polo shirts. Polo t-shirts are always designed for single wear. Even if you have to wear, make sure that it’s not visible inside the Polo’s.

Pierre Cardin Polo Shirt – 54.95 Turkish Lira


Never choose designs with long sleeves and pockets. These shirts give you a shabby look.

Pierre Cardin  Polo T-Shirt – 44.95 TL


Turkey is one of those countries which closely follows the polo shirt’s fashion. Many famous brands like US Polo Assn. are producing polo shirts in Turkey. Therefore, you can buy cheaper polo shirts from Turkey as in all other countries worldwide. How about making your next purchase from Turkey?

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