What is Yollando?

Yollando is an e-commerce tech startup founded in 2016, which provides shopping, shipping, product sourcing, Fulfillment/warehousing and packaging solutions to individual and corporate clients around the world.
Yollando’s users may:
– Buy products from Turkey by themselves or through Yollando’s marketplace and Buy For Me services
– Get their products delivered to Yollando’s warehouse in Istanbul
– Combine and/or rescale packages in order to save from shipping costs, and
– Ship their packages to almost all countries around the world through Yollando’s international, regional and domestic shipping partners.

How does Yollando work?

“To shop in Turkey with Yollando:
1. Register at Yollando.com and receive your personal delivery address in Turkey for free.
2. You can then shop at any online store in Turkey and have your order delivered to your Yollando address.
3. Then you can Ship your orders worldwide. To save even more on Shipping you may use our repack service to combine packages or reduce their dimensional weigh.
In this video, you will find more information about how to shop with Yollando in Turkey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Ruy7p8Pi0″

How to register to Yollando

“- Click on ‘Sign up’ at Yollando.com’s homepage
– Fill the blanks with your personal information
– If you are planning to use Yollando’s services for commercial purposes, make sure to select ‘Business’ account. Otherwise, if you are interested in using Yollando’s services for your own shopping needs, select ‘Personal’ account.
– Click “Register” and write the confimation code that you will get to your email address.
– Simple as that! You can now start using your Yollando account for shopping from Turkey and shipping abroad.”

How to use the Yollando dashboard?

“After signing up to Yollando, click on My Account / Login, which directly takes you to your Dashboard. Your Yollando Dashboard has got everything you need to do with your shopping, packages, payments and shipments.

What are the differences between Personal and Business accounts?

1- If you are an individual who is interested in shopping and shipping goods from Turkey for your personal needs, our Personal account is the right account type for you. It provides all features you require for a convenient shop & ship experience from Turkey.

  Personal Business
Delivery address Single Multiple
Dashboard Standard (B2C) B2B
Yollando Shop Shopping only Shopping & API integration
Services Standard warehousing, packaging and shipping services Standard services + additional services for business & branding strategies

2- If you have a dropshipping business, e-commerce site or a physical store located outside Turkey, and you are interested in sourcing goods from Turkey, Fulfillment, integrations or other business solutions, our Business account is the right option for you. As a Business account holder, you’ll get access to the B2B Dashboard, which allows you to manage all of your customers, packages, shipments, inventory and payments from a single screen. For more detailled informations you can contact our business team under b2b@yollando.com”

How to switch from Personal account to Business account and vice versa?

Get in touch with us at b2b@yollando.com if you’d like to switch from Personal to Business account or the other way around.

How can I change my membership type to Premium?

“- Log into your Yollando account and click “Get Premium.”
– Enter your Discount Coupon code (if you’ve got one.)
– Finally, choose the payment method and proceed to checkout.
– Your account will be upgradet to Premium Membership after you complete the payment.”

What are the advantages of the B2B Dashboard?

“Whether you have a dropshipping business or you need to source goods from Turkey and ship them to multiple consignees around the world, Yollando’s B2B Dashboard is the right tool for you.
It allows users to manage their customers, packages and shipments from a single screen. The B2B Dashboard enables you to;

– Make shipments to an unlimited number of consignees around the world.
– Monitor your customers’ orders, packages, shipments or the inventory of the producs that you fulfill at Yollando.
– Customized business solutions for your individual business needs
– Integrations for shopping and shipping needs
– Access to 10 thousands of products for your dropshipping business with our Shopify integration
– Track your payment.
– Get visual and quantitative data regarding your operations.”

How can I add my company details (Tax ID etc.) to my Yollando Business Account?

“Whether you are an individual or you represent a corporation, you may simply add your Tax ID and other details in a few steps:
– Visit your Yollando Dashboard
– Go to your Profile
– Click on “Address Options
– Then click on “Complete Address” under Invoice Address and add you Tax ID and/or other details. “

How can I get a Yollando address in Turkey?

“As soon as you sign up on Yollando.com, you’ll get a Yollando delivery Address in Turkey for free. That’s it!

This address is so important. This is your own delivery address in Turkey! It’s like you have a home in Turkey. You can shop from all the local and international brands available in Turkey. Simply write your Yollando address in the address section of the e-commerce site you want to shop from and your orders will be delivered to Yollando. Note: Don’t forget to add the Yollando Number to the address section. It’s your customer number and helps us to identify your order.

You can find your Yollando address under the “”My Yollando Address”” section in your account.
You can start using them immediately for your online shopping in Turkey after registration.

How can I ship my packages from Yollando’s warehouse to my delivery address in my home country?

“- First, make sure that all of your package(s) have arrived at Yollando’s warehouse. You may do this by checking the “My Packages” section at your Yollando account page.
– You have now 2 options. You can ship your package or click first on repackaging to combine several packages into one box or reduce the dimension of one single package where possible.
– Choose the package that you want to ship and click “SHIP”.
– Enter your delivery address and choose the cargo company you prefer and pay for the shipment.

Can I add multiple delivery addresses to my Yollando account?

Yes, you can! If you upgrade your Yollando account to Premium Membership you can add an unlimited number of delivery addresses.

How to become a Yollando’s affiliate?

By signing up to Yollando you can claim the affiliate link from your account by clicking on the Affiliate Program option from your Dashboard.

How to make money by becoming a Yollando’s affiliate?

Yollando’s affiliate program creates a unique affiliate link just for you. By clicking on this link and signing up for Yollando.com, you can earn commissions for every customer who makes a shipment. All you have to do is share your Affiliate link and invite people to shop from Turkey.

What's Repackaging ?

Repackaging is a service that Yollando provides where we can combine the packages that have arrived to your Yollando address from different stores into one package and/or reduce the size of the package whenever possible to save more on shipping costs.

How can I ask for my packages to be Repackaged?

“After all the packages you’re expecting are delivered and added to your account, you can:
– Go to “”My packages”” in your account, go to “”inbox”” section, and select the packages you want to repack together.
– Click on “”Repackaging”” and approve the request to complete the process.
– Our team will inform you by email after your repackaging request is completed and the package with the new weight is ready to be send.”

What’s Auto-rescale ?

With this service once you have a package delivered to us your packages are put automatically without any request in smaller packaging whenever possible.

What's the difference between Repackaging and Auto-rescale ?

Repackaging is done from your side after the packages are delivered to us and added to your account. While auto-rescaling is a setting that should be requested before the package is delivered to us so we’re notified that any package that comes under your name should be Auto-rescaled. Once you have auto-rescale activated it will be applied for all incoming packages automatically.

How much does the Auto-rescale cost?

“Repackaging costs 1.5 USD per package for Basic accounts and 1 USD for Premium accounts.

Auto Rescale:
– The cost of removing the products from their original packaging and placing them in a bag or other suitable packaging is USD 2
– The cost of removing the shoes from their boxes and placing them in a bag or other suitable packaging is USD 2

How to ask for my Packages to be Auto-rescaled?

“You can do that by going to My Profile (by clicking your name from your account) > Package Settings > choose Unbox packages if possible (2.00 $)
or Take the shoes out of their boxes. (2.00 $)”

What's better for me: Repackaging or Autorescale?

“The cost calculation depends on the specific packages you’re ordering. To determine the most cost-effective option, you should consider the price per package in both scenarios.

If you are expecting to receive just one package and you want that it proceeds immidiately, we recommend that you activate auto-rescale. This way, when the package arrives at our facility, we will repackage it in the smallest possible state without any other request from you side. This can help you saving time and shipping costs.”

How can I get a Yollando address in Turkey?

“Click the Sign Up Now button on the home screen, and fill out our easy registration form and confirm the email we send to you. After Registration you will see your Yollando address in your Yollando account and you can start shopping right away.
As simple as that. “

What Turkish stores can I buy from?

“With the Yollando address we provide you, you have the flexibility to shop from any website or online store in Turkey. To explore some of the most recommended stores in Turkey, go to “”Shopping Sites”” on the Yollando.com website Homepage.

Additionally, Yollando has its own marketplace, Yollando Shop, where you can purchase products carefully curated for our customers. These items are available at local Turkish prices, providing you with a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience.”

Can I use my Yollando address as soon as I register?

Yes, you can use your Yollando address directly after the registration.

How can I shop with my Yollando address?

“1- Receive Your Yollando Address: Register to get your Yollando address in Turkey. This is the address you’ll use for shopping.
2- Shop in Turkey: Visit your desired Turkish online stores and start shopping for your preferred items. During the checkout process, provide your Yollando address as the delivery address.
3- Items Arrive at Yollando: The items you purchase will be delivered to your Yollando address in Turkey and you’ll be notified via email once they arrive at our facility.
4- Upload invoice & Ship: Log in to your Yollando account, select the packages you want to ship, and click on “”SHIP””.
(If the invoice wasn’t already in the package that arrived to Yollando, you will be asked to upload the invoice of your purchases. You can find the invoice sent to your email by the seller or from your order history on the website you ordered from)
5- Pay for Shipping: Specify the address where you want the packages to be delivered worldwide, choose your preferred shipping method and complete the payment for shipping.
6- Track Shipments: You can track your shipments from the “”Sent Packages”” section in your Yollando account by clicking on the tracking number to stay updated on their status.”

How can I ship my packages to my address?

“1- Check Your Packages: Access the “”My Packages”” > “”Inbox”” section in your Yollando account to view the packages that have arrived. They are listed individually as they come.
2- Upload Invoice (If Required): If the invoice isn’t uploaded already, upload the invoice for your purchases. (You can find this invoice in your email from the seller or in your order history on the seller’s website.)

3- Request Repackaging (Optional): If you wish to combine your items that arrived in several packages into one package, select the packages you want to combine together and click on REPACKAGING and approve the request to complete the process.

4- Select and Ship: Choose the package you want to ship and click the ‘SHIP’ button. Add your delivery address and select the preferred shipping company and make the payment.

P.S: You can track your package by going to “”MY PACKAGES”” > “”SENT PACKAGES”” section in your Yollando account and clicking on the tracking number once it is available.”

Can I add multiple delivery addresses to my account on Yollando?

Yes, you can!

If you choose our Premium membership you can add unlimited delivery addresses without any extra fees.


Can I add multiple delivery addresses to my account on Yollando?

Yes, you can!

If you choose our Premium membership you can add unlimited delivery addresses without any extra fees.

How can I change my membership type to Premium?

Log in to your Yollando account.

Click on  “Get Premium” at the top of your membership page.

How to pay less for Shipping?

“1- You can use our repackaging services so we can get rid of all the extra boxes and unnecessary packaging materials.
2- You can purchase our premium membership to have discounted shipping fees.”

What are the advantages of a premium account?

“- Enjoy up to 20% discount in shipping costs. Please note that the actual savings may vary depending on the shipping company you select and the destination country, as some shipping solutions can be quite economical for both premium and basic members.
– Benefit from 60 days free-of-charge storage for your packages.
– Experience the convenience of unlimited delivery addresses.
– Enjoy our repack service for just 1 USD per package (instead of 1.50 USD)
– Use our “”Buy for me”” service for a commission of only 10% (instead of 12.5%)”

What are my payment options?

“- Credit cards
– Bank transfer
– iDeal
– Giropay
– EPS Überweisungen

Which currencies are used for payments?

You can make the payments on Yollando in Euro and USD.

Is Yollando.com payment system secure?

Yollando holds an international safety certification and utilizes the payment system of globally recognized banks. Your credit card details are securely managed solely by the bank, and Yollando does not have access to any of your credit card information. Your data is in safe hands.

There are missing products in my package. What Should I Do?

“1- If you’ve placed an order from a Turkish website using Yollando’s address, it’s important to note that Yollando does not have access to information about the specific products you’ve purchased in Turkey, including details such as quantity, size, color, and so on. If you find that some items are missing from your order, it indicates that the seller did not send all of your products to your Yollando address.

2- If you’ve used our “”Buy For Me”” service or Yollando Shop and believe that a product is missing from your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated customer support team. They will assist you accordingly. “

Apart from a credit card, can l also do a bank transfer into my Yollando account?

“Yes, If you don’t have a credit card you can do a bank transfer to your Yollando account.
Note: When you transfer money to your account please make sure to add your yollando account number as a reference. Please also send an e-mail to support@yollando.com to inform us.”

What are Yollando’s bank account details?

“Company Name:
Yollando Elektronik Ticaret Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi

Euro Account number:

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. – Üsküdar/İstanbul branch

IBAN: TR79 0001 0004 0397 6079 5150 04


US Dollar Account number:

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. – Üsküdar/İstanbul branch

IBAN: TR09 0001 0004 0397 6079 5150 03


Turkish Lira account number:

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankası A.Ş. – Üsküdar/İstanbul branch

IBAN: TR63 0001 0004 0397 6079 5150 01


How can I use my balance in my Yollando account?

“To use your Yollando account balance (wallet), log in and access your account dashboard. There, you can view your available balance in USD or EURO. When making a purchase or shipping request, select your Yollando account balance as the payment method during checkout.
If the balance doesn’t cover the entire amount, you may need to use an additional payment method for the remaining balance. This convenient feature allows you to use your account funds for transactions. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for help.”

Will my packages be opened when they are delivered to my Yollando address?

“Absolutely Our Yollando team carefully inspects each package upon arrival at your Yollando address. Why do we do this?

– To guarantee that no prohibited items are included in the packages. You can review the list of prohibited items by clicking [here]

– To verify the condition of your items and promptly notify you if any visible defects are detected. Your satisfaction and adherence to shipping regulations are our top priorities.”

Do l have to pay fees to store my packages at my Yollando address?

Basic members have 15 days and Premium members even 60 days of free storage. For extra-storage days +1 Euro will be charged per day. The maximum number of days for storing a package is 100 days for all members.

How quickly will l receive my packages?

“For express shipments, your package will be sent for shipping within one business day after receiving your shipping request. To check the estimated delivery time for your specific country you can use our shipping calculator.
Please note that if the payment is made during the weekend, the shipment will be processed on Monday.”

What happens If my delivery has a gift wrapped ıtem?

“International shipping regulations mandate the declaration of package contents. To comply with this legal requirement, the Yollando team opens every package.
Rest assured, we make every effort to preserve the original packaging whenever possible. Your shipments are in good hands, and we strive to ensure compliance while minimizing disruption to your items.”

What should I do If can’t see the products I bought In my Yollando account?

If you can’t see your purchased products in your Yollando account, wait a bit as there may be processing delays. Check your email for purchase confirmations. If issues persist, contact our customer support for assistance. We’re here to help!

Can I collect my package from Yollando warehouse by myself?

Regrettably, we do not provide a pickup service from our warehouse.

I am not receiving notification emails from Yollando. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder. If there are no emails found, please contact our customer support team for further help.

Can I buy anything I want from Turkey and have it delivered to my Yollando address?

“Apart from the prohibited items, you can buy anything you want. If you want to buy big products (for example, certain pieces of furniture) please get in touch with us first.

Can I keep my Items waiting In Yollando storage so that I can combine them for one delivery?

Yes, you absolutely can! Basic Members can store their packages for 15 days and Premium Members can store up to 60 days for free.

What can I do If a Turkish store doesn’t accept foreign credit cards?

“- Many Turkish websites do not accept international credit cards, which could be the reason why your card was not accepted.
– It’s essential to verify with your bank that your card is Full 3D secured, as some sites do not accept cards that are only Half 3D secured.
– If you encounter difficulties, consider using our Buy For Me service at Yollando. This service enables us to make purchases on your behalf, providing a convenient way to manage your transactions in Turkey from a single platform”

How to use the buy for me service?

“1- After choosing the item you want to buy from any Turkish shopping site.
2- Go to your account on Yollando and go to the “Buy for me” section. Paste the link of the item you want to buy and click the “Add item” button.
3- Type the color, size, and the necessary information to make sure that we get the item you want.
4- Repeat the process for each item you want to buy.
5- After you added all the products you wanted click ” Confirm Request”
6- After the request is checked by our team, you will be notifies by email to make the payment.

After the payment is done, your personal Yollando shopping consultant will order the items for you.

– As online shopping sites stocks and prices can change very fast, we ask you to make the payment of “Buy for me” request as fast as possible. Or you can activate the “Pay from balance” option if you already uploaded a sufficient amount to your balance on Yollando.

– Our commission fees for the buy for me service are 12.5% of the total amount of the purchase for Basic Membership and 10% for Premium Membership. The commission fees are refunded if the item was out of stock while placing the order from our side.

– The refund of the item after it’s delivered or ordered to us is made according to the shopping site’s return policy.

– Processing your Buy For Me request is done during our working hours in Turkish time. ( Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – Saturday 9:00 am to 1:30 pm)”

Who pays the domestic shipping fees?

The customer is responsible for any domestic shipping fees. Yollando Elektronik Ticaret Hizmetleri A.Ş reserves the right not to pay in case an order was sent from the store in Turkey as payment at the door.

Who pays the cost of the return package (domestically) ?

“In case the package is still in Yollando’s warehouse:

– If there are any domestic shipping fees for returning a package the customer is responsible to pay that amount.
– If the package was purchased using the buy for me service or Yollando Shop, there would be no extra fees for returning it to the seller unless there were extra fees asked for by the seller.

NOTE: The right of return is only valid while the package is still inside of Turkey.”

What should I do when online stores want a Turkish phone number from me while shopping?

“- You can use the phone number that Yollando provides you into your Yollando address.

– If an SMS code is necessary to finish the purchase, kindly note that we are unable to provide the codes that are sent to the phone number. Most sellers allow customers to register with their email or place an order as a guest.
If this option is not available on any of the online shopping sites, don’t worry, you can take advantage of our ”Buy For Me” service in your Yollando account, and we will shop on your behalf.”

Why was my shipment not repacked with a smaller box?

We provide repackaging services to reduce shipping costs by consolidating items into smaller packages. However, repacking is performed when it significantly minimizes shipping costs and there’s no risk of damaging the items. Typically, repacking is applicable to items that can be safely removed from boxes and placed into bags or smaller packaging. We prioritize efficient packaging while ensuring the safety of your items during transit.

Does The Fee I Pay Include The Customs Fees?

The fees that Yollando.com charges are for only shipping. This means that in certain cases (based on the country you ship to), customs authorities may impose customs duties or taxes on the shipment. These additional charges are determined by the customs regulations of the receiving country and are separate from our shipping fees.

Do You Do Customs Clearance?

As Yollando.com we don’t provide these services. However, the shipping companies that we ship with worldwide facilitate that in the arrival country.

How Customs Fees Are Calculated?

Customs fees are calculated according to the declared value of the package. This means based on the value you bought it with in Turkey. For comprehensive details on this matter, we advise you to reach out to the customs clearance office in your country. They can provide you with precise information regarding customs fees and regulations specific to your destination.