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What's Repackaging ?

Repackaging is a service that Yollando provides . the packages that you have received over a period of time are combined and brought together as one package.

Is the Repackaging Service FREE ?

Yes, with our services you can shop with no limits all your packages can be put in one shipment for FREE!!

How can I ask for my packages to be Repackaged?

After all the packages you’re expecting are delivered and booked under your name, you can:

  1. select the packages you want to repack.
  2. click on Action.
  3. choose Repackaging.

What’s Auto-rescale ?

With this service once you have a package delivered to us your packages are put automatically without any request in smaller packaging where possible.

What's the difference between Repackaging and Auto-rescale ?

Repackaging is done after the packages are delivered to us and booked to your account while auto-rescaling should be requested before the package is delivered to us so we’re notified that any package that comes under your name should be Auto-rescaled.

How much does the Auto-rescale cost?

  1. The cost of removing the products from their original packaging and placing them in a bag or other suitable packaging is USD 2
  2. The cost of removing the shoes from their boxes and placing them in a bag or other suitable packaging is USD 2

Unlimited delivery address.

How to ask for my Packages to be Auto-rescaled?

You can do that by going to  My Profile (by clicking your name from your account) > Package Settings  > choose  Unbox packages if possible (2.00 $)

or Take the shoes out of their boxes. (2.00 $)

What's better for me: Repackaging or Autorescale?

This depends on the packages that you’re ordering, you need to see how much you’ll pay per package in both cases and decide upon that.

In case you are expecting just one package then we advise you to ask for autorescale right after you order it to your Yollando Address, so once it’s delivered to us the package is added where possible in the smallest state then you can just ship it.

How can I get a Yollando address in Turkey?

Click the Sign Up Now button on the home screen, select the membership option that suits you the most, and fill out our simple and easy registration form.

As simple as that.

What Turkish stores can I buy from?

  1. With the address we provide, you can buy from anywhere in Turkey. You can check our page to see some of the stores that we love in Turkey.
  2. Yollando has its own market place Yollando Shop you can buy from there products are carefully chosen for our customers and sold in Turkish local prices.

Can I use my Yollando address as soon as I register?

Yes, you can use your Yollando address directly after the registration.

How can I shop with my Yollando address?

You need to enter your Yollando address as the delivery address at checkout when shopping from any online store. There are a few examples shown on our customers dashboard.

How can I ship my packages to my address?

You can check your packages that have reached us in the ‘My Packages’ section.

You can see your packages in your account separately as the packages are added as they come, after your request for ‘REPACKAGING’  you will be able to see all your items as in one package.

After selecting your package, click the ‘Continue’ button, write your address then go to the payment page. Choose the cargo company and pay for it.

P.S : You can track your package in the ‘SENT PACKAGES’ section under the ‘My Packages’ option from your Yollando account.

Can I add multiple delivery addresses to my account on Yollando?

Yes, you can!

If you choose our Premium membership you can add unlimited delivery addresses without any extra fees.

How can I change my membership type to Premium?

Log in to your Yollando account.

Click on  “Get Premium” at the top of your membership page.

How to pay less for Shipping?

  1. You can use our repackaging services so we can get rid of all the extra boxes and unnecessary packaging materials.
  2. You can purchase our premium membership to have discounted shipping fees.

What are the advantages of a premium account?

20% Cheaper delivery cost. .(this might be less depending on the shipping company you choose to certain countries certain shipping solution are quita cheap for both premium or basic members)

60 days free of charge storage.

Unlimited delivery address.

What are my payment options?

  1. Credit cards
  2. Bank transfer
  3. iDeal
  4. Giropay
  5. EPS Überweisungen
  6. Western Union

(in case you choose to send us a bank or westren union  transfer, we recommend you to send us an email about it)

Which currencies are used for payments?

You can make your Yollando payments in Euro and USD.

Is Yollando.com payment system secure?

Yollando has an international safety certificate and uses the payment system of globally known banks. Your credit card information is solely registered by the bank, Yollando has no information regarding your credit card.

There are missing products in my package. What Should I Do?

Yollando does not have information about;
the products you purchased in Turkey, and
the quantity, size, colour etc. of your products.
If there are missing products in your package, this means that the seller did not deliver all of your products to Yolando address.

Apart from a credit card, can l also do a bank transfer into my Yollando account?

Yes, If you don’t have a credit card you can do a bank transfer to your Yollando account.

Note: When you transfer money to your account please make sure to add your yollando account number as a reference. Please also send an e-mail to support@yollando.com to inform us.

What are Yollando’s bank account details?

Company Name:

Yollando Elektronik Ticaret Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi


Euro Account number:

Türkiye İş Bankası – İstanbul branch

IBAN: TR26 0006 4000 0021 2990 5867 48



US Dollar Account number:

Türkiye İş Bankası – İstanbul branch

IBAN: TR16 0006 4000 0021 2990 5867 34



Turkish Lira account number:

Türkiye İş Bankası – İstanbul branch

IBAN: TR92 0006 4000 0011 2990 5481 23


How can I use my balance in my Yollando account?

Yollando.com is a page that has international security certificates and uses payment systems of globally known banks. Your credit card information is only recorded by the bank. Yollando doesn’t have any information about your credit card.

Will my packages be opened when they are delivered to my Yollando address?

Yes. The Yollando team will open every package when it is delivered to your Yollando address.


– To ensure there aren’t any prohibited items in the packages. Click here to see a list of prohibited items.

– To reduce the size of the packing

– To check on the content and take pictures if requested.

Do l have to pay fees to store my packages at my Yollando address?

Basic members have 15 days and Premium members even 60 days of free storage. For extra-storage days +1 Euro will be charged per day. The maximum number of days for storing a package is 100 days for all members.

How quickly will l receive my packages?

We will ship your package within 1 business day for express shipments after your shipping request. Please click here to see the estimated delivery time for your country.

Note: if the payment was done on the weekend the shipment would be sent on Monday.

What happens If my delivery has a gift wrapped ıtem?

It’s a legal requirement to declare what is in every box for international shipping. Therefore the Yollando team will open every package. We will do our best to keep the original packaging.

What should I do If can’t see the products I bought In my Yollando account?

In cases the package is in Yollando’s warehouse:

  1. Yollando charges specific amounts based on your package weight and dimensions for handling the package back to the seller.
  2. If there are any domestic shipping fees for returning a package the customer is responsible to pay that amount.
  3. If the package was purchased using the buy for me service, there would be no extra fees for returning it to the seller. unless there were extra fees asked for by the seller.

Can I collect my package from Yollando warehouse by myself?

No. Unfortunately we don’t offer any pickup service from our warehouse.

I am not receiving notification emails from Yollando. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder. If there are no emails found, you can get in touch with the Yollando team regarding the matter.

Can I buy anything I want from Turkey and have it delivered to my Yollando address?

Apart from the prohibited items, you can buy anything you want. If you want to buy big products (for example furniture) please get in touch with us first.

Can I keep my Items waiting In Yollando storage so that I can combine them for one delivery?

Yes, you can!

FREE-STORAGE is up to 15 days if you are a Basic member, 60 days if you are a Premium member. For extra-storage days +1 Euro will be charged per day The maximum waiting days for packages are 100 days for all members.

What can I do If a Turkish store doesn’t accept foreign credit cards?

  1. A lot of Turkish sites don’t accept international credit cards, this might be the reason why your card wasn’t accepted.
  2. You need to check with your bank to make sure that your card is Full 3D secured. some sites don’t accept cards that are Half 3D secured.
  3. You can use our Buy For Me services that Yollando has, with it we will be buying it on your behalf so you can manage your purchases in Turkey from the same place.

How to use the buy for me service?

  1. After choosing the item you want to buy from any Turkish shopping site.
  2. Go to your account on Yollando and go to the  “Buy for me” section. Paste the link of the item you want to buy and click the “Add item” button.
  3. Type the color, size, and the necessary information to make sure that we get the item you want.
  4. Repeat the process for each item you want to buy.
  5. After you added all the products you wanted click ” Confirm Request”

After the request is checked by our team, it’ll be confirmed for you to make the payment. and you’ll be informed with an email.

  1. After the payment is done yourpersonal Yollando shopping consultant will order the items for you.



– As online shopping sites stocks and prices can change very fast, we ask you to make the payment of “Buy for me” request as fast as possible or you can activate the “Pay from balance” option.

– Our commission fees for the buy for me service are 10% of the total amount of the purchase. The commission fees are refunded if the item was out of stock while placing the order from our side.

– The refund of the item after it’s delivered to us is made according to the shopping site’s return policy.

– In case of refund 10 Euros per order may be applied depending on the customer’s case.

– Processing your Buy For Me request is done during our working hours in Turkish time.

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Who pays the domestic shipping fees?

The customer is responsible for any domestic shipping fees.  Yollando Elektronik Ticaret Hizmetleri A.Ş reserves the right not to pay in case an order was sent from the store in Turkey as payment at the door.

Who pays the cost of the return package (domestically) ?

In cases the package is in Yollando’s warehouse:

  1. Yollando charges specific amounts based on your package weight and dimensions for handling the package back to the seller.
  2. If there are any domestic shipping fees for returning a package the customer is responsible to pay that amount.
  3. If the package was purchased using the buy for me service or Yollando Shop, there would be no extra fees for returning it to the seller unless there were extra fees asked for by the seller.

NOTE:The right of return is only valid inside of Turkey.

What should I do when online stores want a Turkish phone number from me while shopping?

  1. You can use the phone number that Yollando provides you into your Yollando address.
  2. Please contact our customer support services through WhatsApp if the OTM code is necessary to finish the purchase.

Why was my shipment not repacked with a smaller box?

With our package services, we repack items that are in big packets to smaller packages to make sure that you pay the least amount on shipping, conditional. There will be empty space in a packet unless exaggerated. In general, repacking will be done to items that can be removed from boxes into a bag.

Does The Fee I Pay Include The Customs Fees?

The fees that Yollando.com charges are for only shipping, this means that in certain cases (based on the country you ship to), the customs might ask for customs duty fees or taxes for the shipment.

Do You Do Customs Clearance?

As Yollando.com we don’t provide these services, however, the shipping companies that we ship with worldwide facilitate that in the arrival country.

How Customs Fees Are Calculated?

The customs fees are calculated based on the declaration of the package. This means based on the value you bought it with in Turkey. however for better information on this subject we recommend that you get in contact with the customs clearance office in the country you’re shopping to.