What’s Yollando? Shopping and Shipping from Turkey

It is now very easy to shop from Turkey!

Thanks to yollando.com, it is now possible to shop from all the online shopping sites based in Turkey.

Even if the shopping site does not ship outside of Turkey, you will be able to receive the products you want using Yollando.com.

How? You will only need to enter your private address in Turkey obtained from Yollando.com into the delivery address section when shopping. After your product is delivered to your Yollando address, we will forward the delivered goods to any location in the World for reasonable prices.


With Yollando You Can Shop From Any Online Store In Turkey

From now on you will be able to shop from Trendyol.com, Koton.com, Vakko.com, Hepsiburada.com, and many others. It is now possible to shop from all the online stores based in Turkey.

 Shop from Turkey and Ship to the World.

If you are not sure where to start shopping from, then you may want to check out our comprehensive list of top shopping sites based in Turkey listed under categories at https://www.yollando.com/en/shopping-sites-in-turkey/

What if you like a product but the online store does not accept credit card payments or what to do if the page is only available in Turkish and it is a waste of time for you?

Use our “Buy For Me” service! Share the link of the product you like with us on the “Buy For Me” page and sit back. Just say “Buy For Me” and let us buy it for you.


Why Yollando.com?

There are also other reasons why you should choose Yollando.com. Along with special discounts up to 80% on shipping fees, your packages will be stored in our facilities for up to 60 days without extra charge. Upon your request, we will provide you an image of the products you have purchased. The packages that will arrive at Yollando’s address in Turkey will be put in the smallest packaging. Yollando.com employees are not going to be waiting for your request for this process; this is a standard procedure. What does this mean? In other words, the aim of Yollando.com is to offer its clients better prices even the client does not place a request.

Yollando.com users with more than one order may consolidate their packages which will result in shipping fees for only one order. Yollando.com is working with large and reliable companies such as DHL and UPS, along with prestigious agencies.  Any package delivered to the Yollando storage facilities is tracked via yollando.com starting from its receipt to its delivery at the client’s door.

Try the best package forwarding company in Turkey.

Get an address in Turkey now and start shopping from where you want.

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